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Green Cross Pharma has been rated 4.8/5 stars on Weedmaps’ dispensary listing. See what some of our customers are saying below:

From Mike, Daniel, Josh and the effervescent Heather, just to name a few of the excellent members of this cohesive team❣️ ?????Come visit my friends and experience a pleasant and informative exchange. ☮️?

sssrou, Amazing Staff

I never give top stars to a place that doesn’t live up to a real awesome deal or bomb as deal strain!!! A real stoner understands that.. this place does it best to be awesome.. do they have issues.. of course but stoners will understand how real n awesome they can be.! Props guys

P-loh, 5/5 Star Rating

Always satisfied with my selection, just picked up some Mango Trainwreck, Don’t judge it by the eye it has the tangy scent you’d expect and is a solid Sativa hybrid that gives you the right effect right where you need it, not in the pocket.

Robert J, Always Satisfied

Went in for the 1st time and was treated very well. Great people, great atmosphere.

Gchef, 5/5 Star Rating

My man Danial is always taking good care of me. Knows what I need and keeps it within my budget too. Super chill place & great deals on flowers too

green21, The Best in Town